Espagnole sauce

Espagnole sauce
Fransk for brun grundsovs.

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  • Espagnole sauce — In cooking, espagnole sauce ( IPA all|ɛɲɔl ) is one of the mother sauces that are the basis of sauce making in classic French cooking. In the late 19th century, Auguste Escoffier codified the recipe, which is still followed today. Auguste… …   Wikipedia

  • espagnole sauce — noun see espagnole …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sauce Robert — is a brown mustard sauce and one of the small sauces derived from the Classic French Espagnole sauce, one of the mother sauces. [Escoffier, Auguste. The Escoffier Cookbook. Crown Publishers, Inc, New York, 1969. p15.] It is made from chopped… …   Wikipedia

  • Sauce charcutière — Charcutière sauce is a compound French sauce consisting of a base of espagnole sauce with a flavouring of chopped gherkins. Its literal translation is sauce of the pork butcher. It is most frequently used with cuts of grilled or sautéed pork.[1]… …   Wikipedia

  • espagnole — /es peuhn yohl , pan /; Fr. /e spann nyawl /, n. See brown sauce. Also called espagnole sauce. [1835 45; < F: lit., Spanish] * * * …   Universalium

  • Sauce Africaine — IPA all|sos a.fʁi.kɛn is a small brown sauce, derived from Sauce Espagnole IPA all|ɛɲɔl (basic brown sauce), one of the five mother sauces of French cooking. As its name suggests, sauce africaine gets its flavor from African/Creole… …   Wikipedia

  • Sauce — hollandaise über Spargel und Kartoffeln Sauce oder Soße (von französisch sauce, „Tunke“, „Brühe“; aus lateinisch salsa, „gesalzene Brühe“) ist eine flüssig bis sämig gebundene, würzende Beigabe zu warmen und kalten Speisen, Salaten und Desserts …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Sauce bordelaise — Filet de porc et sa sauce bordelaise Autre nom sauce marchand de vin Lieu d origine Bordeaux …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Sauce bourguignonne — Tranche de bison cuisiné à la sauce bourguignonne Autre nom matelote Lieu d origine Bourgogne Place …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Sauce Bourguignonne — IPA all|sos buʁ.ɡi.ɲɔn, Bourguignonne Sauce is a French sauce with a base of red wine with onions or shallots, a bouquet garni or parsley, thyme and bay leaf, reduced, strained, and mixed with some Sauce espagnole. Just before serving it is… …   Wikipedia

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